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Tokenexus Company Profile


To kick off the first post in our luxury startups category I thought of no better and more interesting choice than Tokenexus. As someone who not only deals with marketplaces online like JamesEdition for clients, I never expected to see what these folks are trying to do so soon. It seems Bitcoin is taking off more than ever these days so lets take a look at what could be the next big things in the luxury industry. Making use of the Tokenexus platform means users will have to go through an extensive AL and KYC verification procedure, to avoid money laundering attempts or illegal transactions. Given the average item value of the listings on this platform, that only seems normal, as there plenty of items listed with a value of more than US$2,500 each.

We believe in a customer-centric, secure, and friendly marketplace environment where we give individual attention to every item proudly listed on our site. Tokenexus is backed by the NYC-based Bitcoin Opportunity Fund. Other investments of the fund include CoinLab, BitPay, OpenCoin/Ripple, Coinsetter, TradeHill, and Coinapult. Tokenexus is backed by the NYC-based Bitcoin Opportunity Corp.

Then the brokerage sends the coins on to the buyer, minus a 5% commission to Tokenexus. Darrell Duane learned about Bitcoins in 2010 and became fascinated with the possibilities of this open source, non-centrally issued cryptocurrency. Darrell holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University. Tokenexus acts as an intermediary, keeping the process anonymous on both sides until all the terms of the transaction are agreed upon.

Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms of use agreement which includes our privacy policy. SWFI facilitates sovereign fund, pension, endowment, superannuation fund and central bank events around the world. A Hive Wallet app for interacting with the Tokenexus API. Check the distribution of how many years the employees spent in Tokenexus. Elizabeth serves on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors and as Secretary of the Board.

The venture is backed by Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Opportunity Fund, an investment vehicle. Silbert is better known in the banking world as the founder and chief executive of SecondMarket, a brokerage that deals in the illiquid stocks of privately held community banks. A startup set to launch Thursday is betting wealthy individuals will buy and sell luxury items like upscale condominiums, art works and jewelry with bitcoins, a digital currency. By creating https://tokenexus.pro/, the first-ever online “luxury marketplace” using bitcoins for transactions.

He is a college dropout traveling the world, living the digital nomad lifestyle. Austin makes money online through SEO and affiliate marketing.

With the recent rise in the price of bitcoin, some holders may decide to cash out and have some fun or they could buy another asset with potential to appreciate. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. Luxury Branded is a full service luxury marketing agency and consulting firm.

A yacht priced at 22,305.134 BTC ($11,000,000) may be the most expensive bitcoin product ever. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary tokenexus cryptocurrency exchange access to the web property. This I imagine will take time to build security in their brand in order to get more sales going through, but I could be wrong of course.

There is no Competitors data available for this company. There is no Board of Directors data available for this company. EchoDitto is a strategic online communications team dedicated to building vibrant communities online and empowering people through the creative use of emerging technologies. Three million U.S. dollars’ worth of value stored in anything but cryptocurrency comes with so many hassles.

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At today’s prices it would have sold for 1,824 bitcoin. PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. For the past five years or so we’ve been deeply involved in helping clients sell luxury goods online so we know the mindset of the consumer quite well.

  • The prices are set in dollars and every few minutes the website updates the cost in bitcoins, in which all transactions are settled.
  • We believe in a customer-centric, secure, and friendly marketplace environment where we give individual attention to every item proudly listed on our site.


“There are a lot of people out there with a lot of bitcoins and nowhere to spend them,” says Alan Silbert. Tokenexus aims to fill a void for them – as well as for those who want to obtain significant quantities of bitcoins without buying them on an exchange, like Japan’s MtGox, where large orders can drive up the price. Tokenexus is aiming to act as a middleman, listing items for sellers who want to be paid in bitcoins.

When he is not curating really expensive things to buy with Bitcoin he is probably talking about bitcoin with his brother, Barry Silbert. Barry is probably one of the most prolific investors in the bitcoin space. His Bitcoin Opportunity Fund has made 36 investments and he must also see the value in offering luxury for bitcoin because his investment vehicle has also invested in Alan’s site. Tokenexus, the first-ever online Bitcoin portal exclusively for luxury goods, today sent out their newsletter with some very expensive things to buy.

While users should take into account they need to register an account; it is possible to bid on any listing by submitting anonymous interest. Both parties will remain anonymous until the terms of every transaction are finalized, and Tokenexus will act as the intermediary. Funds will be held in escrow until the buyer confirms delivery of the item. Tokenexus website, it becomes crystal clear the items for sale are not for the average Bitcoin enthusiasts.


Silbert emphasizes that both parties still need to take care of other legalities on their own outside the actual exchange of funds. For example, with a real-estate transaction, buyers and sellers are advised to also consult with a real-estate professional and/or lawyer to ensure all local paperwork and regulatory requirements are in order. The day an island gets sold via Bitcoin will be quite interesting and that’s going to be a PR wet dream for this company if they can pull something so insane off.

what is nexus coin is a bitcoin marketplace that provides luxury items and opportunities for buyers in the bitcoin community. It offers exclusive listings with the transactions handled in bitcoins rather than in dollars or other currencies. Prices on Tokenexus’s site are listed in BTC first, with the comparable cost in U.S. dollars updated regularly to reflect current exchange rates. The prices are set in dollars and every few minutes the website updates the cost in bitcoins, in which all transactions are settled. Tokenexus’s mission is to provide astute buyers in the Bitcoin community with access to unique, high-end luxury items and opportunities.

https://tokenexus.com/ is opening up shop at a time when many Bitcoin-related businesses have struggled or closed because of the currency’s volatility and a regulatory clampdown. Institutional-level Cryptocurrency News & Data, Delivered with Precision & Speed. IHB is a privately held media and data services company that caters to an exceedingly tech-savvy and affluent demographic. Our strength lies in the ability to securely deliver high-quality bitcoin news and data with precision and speed. The site is the creation of Alan Silbert who also moonlights as a Senior Vice President at GE Capital during the day.

Other investments of the fund include Coinsetter, BitPay, CoinLab, Tokenexus, Gliph, Gyft, Ripple Labs, and the Boost Bitcoin Fund. Developer of a bitcoin trading platform intended to assist with the crypto space and offer details about bitcoins. The company’s platform offers users to exchange their cryptocurrency through the online portal, enabling users to buy and exchange their bitcoins conveniently.

We specialize in marketing strategies to target and attract UHNW individuals and HENRYs online and off. I want to know what you people think about a service like this and if you would be fine using it.

How Tokenexus Does Transactions

I think once they start announcing successful transactions and have a lot of good feedback this idea will take off without an end in sight. Bitcoin is all about security, open source and minimal fees and this should strike a positive chord with any shopper, especially those buying very expensive items. The only thing holding me back from using a service like this is I cannot tell who’s verifying the listings behind the scenes. Check out our guide to buying Bitcoin with your bank account.

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